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At RMJ Surveys we understand the Importance of Our Clients being able to view and print the Survey that they have Commissioned.  That is why below you will find some useful links to enable you to open and print both "pdf" and "dwg" files.  Adobe "pdf" and AutoDesk "dwg" and "dxf" file formats, are standard formats within the Industry.  We use these file formats to exchange files electronically via email and disk.  It is likely if you Commission a Survey from us, it will be in "pdf" "dwg" or "dxf" formats, - or all three if requested.

RMJ Surveys are an Environmentally Aware Company, and as such take into account their Local and Global Environments.  We would ask you to do the same, and always consider "do we really need to print this document?".  Unless a Paper Plot is specifically requested, we would normally always provide our Surveys in a digital format.


Please use the links below to download Adobe's pdf Viewer and Autodesk's TrueView Software.


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